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  • Waxed Canvas: The Durable Fabric You Need

    waxed canvas by the yard

    One of our most popular fabric this season is waxed canvas by the yard. This durable fabric is a must-have for every designer, but before we get into this, below we explain what exactly waxed canvas is.

    What Is Waxed Canvas?

    Usually, a canvas is made up 100% cotton. In addition, the canvas is made with a plain weave, unlike other heavy-duty fabrics like denim. Canvas comes in two different forms: duck and plain. Duck canvas has tightly woven threads which makes it stronger than plain.

    On the other hand, waxed canvas is as the name states; fibers produced with wax! Most waxed canvases are created using a paraffin-based wax or hybrid waxes like fluorocarbon and paraffin. This allows the canvas to be waterproof. If you’re feeling fancy, a more expensive option is beeswax.

    What Does Waxed Canvas Feel Like?

    Despite there being wax, it has a supple surface and a pleasant texture. It’s also not damp or sticky.

    Is It flammable?

    Surprisingly, it’s difficult to ignite waxed canvas. Moreover, it’s less flammable than most synthetic materials. Of course, if there's enough heat, it can catch on fire but waxed canvas is not a combustible, dangerous material.

    How Durable Is It?

    In general, waxed canvas is resistant to tearing and strong because of the wax. It slides against most objects rather than snagging and tearing.

    waxed canvas by the yard

    How Do You Clean Waxed Canvas?

    As a result of the waxed fibers, it normally repels dirt. Most stains can be spot cleaned with a damp rag. For a stained area, you can wash the fabric with gentle soap and cold water. If it’s an oil stain that soaked through, use an absorbent substance, like corn starch. You want to put a generous amount on top of the oil stain and leave it on there for 48 hours. Afterward, use a stiff brush to rub it out and repeat the process as needed. As for mud and dust, it will not penetrate the material and can be removed with a damp cloth.

    As a general rule, do not put the waxed canvas in your washing machine and make sure to air dry them!

    Where Can I Buy Waxed Canvas?

    You can purchase waxed canvas by the yard and other waxed fabrics at Pacific Blue Denims in many different colors, weights, and styles! Check out all of our options here.

    About Pacific Blue Denim

    Waxed canvas by the yard can be a pain to find, but not at Pacific Blue Denims! We carry a variety of colors, sizes, and hybrids such as oxford, poplin and other waxed fabrics. All items in stock are premium quality and ready to ship the same day. We’re located in the heart of Los Angeles, California and we can customize denim fabric cuts to fit your needs. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to stay updated with the new fabric we have in stock!

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