Sourcing your denim is just one part of the process of creating your high quality denim jeans. In addition to creating your pattern and gathering all your supplies including hardware, and sewing them all up to your satisfaction, there are many steps to creating your jeans. Designers, you know all about this process and how tedious it can become. Wholesale fabric Los Angeles can be difficult and overwhelming to navigate, so at Pacific Blue Denims we want to be as helpful and informational as possible. 

Jeans have a long history beginning with the Gold Rush era and going all the way to modern day. They have changed very minimally throughout all these years, through fit and style. Denim started being blended with lycra in the 70's which created a stretch style. Depending on if you like the look and feel of a stretch material will dictate which kind of textiles you purchase for your projects.

All denim will eventually stretch over time. The twill weave in the fabric relaxes with wear and creates that bit of stretch we all experience while wearing jeans. High-quality denim fabric can help reduce the amount of stretching, and where you source your fabric from is crucial.

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Types of Denim Weave

The 1x1 ratio for fabric describes how it is woven. 1x1 means there is one weft for every warp thread. Denim twill fabric usually is made with a 2x1 or 3x1 ratio, meaning that there are more warp threads for each weft. You can see the diagonal pattern that this creates clearly in the fabric.

A diagonal pattern beginning in the bottom left and moves up to the top right is called a Right Hand Twill. This is the most common weave that you may see while sourcing your denim. Another weave, though less common is a Left Hand Twill where the pattern begins in the bottom right and moves up the left.

You may also come across what is known as a Broken Twill. This weave does not have the diagonal pattern. Instead, the threads create a sort of zig-zag pattern. This weave is meant to prevent leg twist on your fabric. Broken Twill doesn't have a weave pulling it in a specific direction.  

Slub Denim is an also known as ring spun.  This adds vertical texture to the warp of the denim giving it an uneven look and adding character. This is the standard for most denim. If you come across any other terms that you don't know enough about, don't forget to check our Denim Dictionary blog post.

Sourcing Your Denim

High-quality wholesale fabric Los Angeles is usually sourced from Japan, Italy, and the United States. You can find out where your denim fabric is coming from if you shop with Pacific Blue Denims Inc online. We also offer swatches that may be sent out in advance of you starting your project so that you can get a better sense of the fabric itself.

In addition to providing customers with the highest quality denim fabrics, we also have our own mills. The Pacific Blue Mills are a handful of select private/exclusive mills from around the globe that produce nd develop styles for us and our customers. Only the highest quality goods, ethically sourced, and at the lowest possible prices are Mills that we’ll proudly lend our name and reputation to.

Pacific Blue Denims can be reached for any specific questions about sourcing your denim fabric at their email,

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