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Selvedge Denim refers to the way that the fabric itself is being made. Most denim was produced using shuttle looms before the 1950s. These looms create tightly woven or intertwined pieces of heavy fabric. The edges on these pieces are typically about one yard wide and are finished with bands down each side to ensure that the fabric does not fray, curl, or unravel. The edges come finished already from the loom. So, because of the production process, denim produced on shuttle looms have a "self-edge," naming the fabric, "Selvedge."

Recently, there has been an increase of interest in selvedge denim. As one of the top denim wholesale Los Angeles providers, Pacific Blue Denims, is offering some helpful tips on what you need to know to buy selvedge denim.

Do You Want To Invest In Selvedge?

First, decide if selvedge is what you actually want for your project. Selvedge denim is made from high-quality cotton thanks to its production process. The weaving is strong and you are receiving what you are paying for. Non-selvedge denim is more affordable and economical due to not needing to preserve the side seam of the denim. If you are looking for textiles that are the most cost effective, selvedge denim may not be the best choice for this. Thankfully, there are many other options that can be used as alternatives. Take a look through our products to find a suitable fabric that fits your personal needs.

Consider the Weight 

Denim weights vary from 8oz to about 18 oz or more if you want something very durable. The lighter the denim is, the more quickly the denim would wear.

Pick Your Shade

Denim has a slight shade to it- either reddish/purple or greenish/blueish. Red pieces of denim are associated with the all-American look. Those denims that are green/blue tinted typically are imported from a Japanese mill. To achieve the green cast denim look, the denim is first dyed with a green sulfur dye. Then it is dipped in the indigo to achieve the final look. The red cast denim is dipped directly into the indigo without any prior dyeing. The color affects the fade and the number of times it was dipped into the indigo affects the darkness of the denim.

Assess the Yarn Character

The character of the yarn refers to the thread diameter in the yarn weave. The thicker the diameter the more character the denim will have, and the thinner thread has less character. The more character of the thread also can lead to the denim looking more "workman" style.

Evaluate The Stretch Factor 

Selvedge denim may also come in a stretch. Stretch fabric can often time be more comfortable without compromising quality or look. Decide for yourself whether you would like your denim to stretch.

Each of these factors are crucial for picking your selvedge denim. Once you become better acquainted with the fabric, you will know exactly what you need for each of your projects. For those who want to be able to feel the denim before making an order- feel free to order swatches! You can also stop by our showroom to see the fabric for yourself.

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