For the past month and a half, the Pacific Blue Denims' team ran a contest for a designer to win $250 to shop our fabric! We had so many amazing entries and it was difficult to choose a winner! One of our favorite things about our company is that we are able to work with so many independent designers. A clear vision and designing differently is something that we value, not to mention an affinity for denim! Check out who won our contest and keep your eyes peeled for more to come from us soon!

After going through each of our contest entries, the Pacific Blue Denims team choose Holly Rose as our winner of $250 in Pacific Blue Denim! Holly is a self-described "Fearless Fashion Designer" from Los Angeles, who aims to offer more options of jeans for women. Holly is working on her jeans, named 'The Angela.' Her innovative design will place the zipper for the jeans on the side, so that the fabric folds evenly in the front and back, making it easier than ever to get into your favorite pair! In addition to offering sizes from 24-40, her jeans also feature three inseam options and will arrive in two different styles.

Holly has a personal connection to denim and it is one of her driving forces. She writes on her website, "Levi’s came out in the 1800s using cotton my family cultivated and harvested themselves, with no pay. When I realized that my own grandfather and great-grandfather were enslaved in Texas picking cotton every day, I realized that this denim brand was about more than my body, but about my family history and reclaiming a piece of American history by allowing the people who created it, to have an ownership of it."

You can check out her work and inspiration on her Instagram: @oohlalaholly. You can also check out Holly's website and sign up for updates online at She promises to


  1. Not use harsh chemicals in the processing of her jeans.

  2. Conduct fit testing for all body types, and size her line based off of current body types in the United States.

  3. Be heavy in research and development, always using and/or creating the best technology to craft the perfect pair of jeans.

Don't forget! You can always order swatches from us while you plan out your next project! We love to see what our customers are creating and how Pacific Blue Denims helps make their design dreams a reality! Follow us on our Instagram and Facebook for more updates!