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  1. Congratulations to Our Denim Contest Winner!

    Congratulations to Our Denim Contest Winner!
    For the past month and a half, the Pacific Blue Denims' team ran a contest for a designer to win $250 to shop our fabric! We had so many amazing entries and it was difficult to choose a winner! One of our favorite things about our company is that we are able to work with so many independent designers. A clear vision and designing differently is something that we value, not to mention an affinity for denim! Check out who won our contest and keep your eyes peeled for more to come from us soon! Continue reading →
  2. A Beginners Guide To Raw Denim

    We recently asked some of our Instagram followers what kind of denim was their very favorite and almost all of the answers we received included raw denim! Raw denim is one of our favorite fabrics as well and we figured that may as introduce everyone to the wonderful world of raw denim and fading. Is Raw Denim your favorite type of denim fabric as well? Let us know!   wholesale fabric Los Angeles Continue reading →
  3. Cone White Oak, an American Selvedge Denim Mill, Is Closing For Good

    Cone White Oak Denim is unique in its own way, possessing certain innovative and stylistic qualities not seen in a lot of denim today. As distinctive as this denim may be, the Cone Mills White Oak Plant in Greensboro, North Carolina will officially be ceasing operations on December 31, 2017, after 117 years of business. Continue reading →
  4. Win $250 Of Pacific Blue Denims' Wholesale Fabric

    Win $250 Of Pacific Blue Denims' Wholesale Fabric
    At Pacific Blue Denims, we have had the pleasure of providing high-quality fabric to a number of companies and individuals. We pride ourselves in assisting those who create beautiful items with our fabrics. While our slogan may be “In Denim We Trust,” we also feel like emphasis should be put on our belief in the power of design. Thanks to our Los Angeles location, we are in the heart of one of the world’s most creative spaces and we want to give back to the community and give away $250 of Fabric to help support a designer’s vision. Continue reading →
  5. Sourcing Your Wholesale Denim Fabric

    Sourcing Your Wholesale Denim Fabric
    Sourcing your denim is just one part of the process of creating your high quality denim jeans. In addition to creating your pattern and gathering all your supplies including hardware, and sewing them all up to your satisfaction, there are many steps to creating your jeans. Designers, you know all about this process and how tedious it can become. Wholesale fabric Los Angeles can be difficult and overwhelming to navigate, so at Pacific Blue Denims we want to be as helpful and informational as possible.  Continue reading →
  6. Buying Selvedge Denim Guide

    selvedge denim los angeles Selvedge Denim refers to the way that the fabric itself is being made. Most denim was produced using shuttle looms before the 1950s. These looms create tightly woven or intertwined pieces of heavy fabric. The edges on these pieces are typically about one yard wide and are finished with bands down each side to ensure that the fabric does not fray, curl, or unravel. The edges come finished already from the loom. So, because of the production process, denim produced on shuttle looms have a "self-edge," naming the fabric, "Selvedge." Recently, there has been an increase of interest in selvedge denim. As one of the top denim wholesale Los Angeles providers, Pacific Blue Denims, is offering some helpful tips on what you need to know to buy selvedge denim. Continue reading →
  7. Denim Styles Through the Years

    Denim is one of those fabrics that feels deeply rooted in the United States and its history. At Pacific Blue Denims, we are purveyors of denim and love to share our wealth of knowledge of the fabric. In addition to providing denim wholesale Los Angeles, we are here to share information about the fabric industry. denim wholesale Los Angeles Jeans first entered the fabric arena in the late 18th century when it started as a workers garment. Jeans were designed with riveted seams, and have essentially stayed the same since then. Styles, of course, change drastically as the years continue to pass. Continue reading →
  8. Jeans 101: Everything You Need to Know About How Jeans Are Made

    In this post we will talk about how denim jeans are made. From the denims rolls we offer to the finished pair of pants we all own and love. Continue reading →
  9. From Fiber to Fabric: How is Selvedge Denim Made?

    Here we are going to talk about how selvedge denim is made. Starting as a plant all the way to the finished rolls you can find at Pacific Blue Denims, Inc. Step 1 starts at the cotton fields were cotton … Continue reading →
  10. You Probably Didn’t Know All These Denim Definitions

    You Probably Didn’t Know All These Denim Definitions Here we will discuss some denim definitions that you will see in this industry and on our Pacific Blue Denims website. We will list the most important ones and if you have any to add please feel free to email us and we will get that uploaded. This blog is for everyone, so please feel free to share. Continue reading →

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